The ultimate edge hotel in Paris. The Murano Paris Resort is set in a 19th century building in classical style. However, upon crossing the threshold, guests find themselves in one of the most surprising, futurist hotels in the city, with interior decoration that includes details as trendy as lifts upholstered in pink, glass sculptures, totally black corridors and glass roofs. The exclusivity of this hotel can also be appreciated in the suites and guest rooms, access to which is controlled by a digital fingerprint scanner and with variable illumination in accordance with guests¿ state of mind. Inside, the decoration follows the same avant-garde style as in the rest of the hotel, with a predominant total white decor and pop-art paintings that break the immaculate white with forceful splashes of red, orange or green. The hotel is located, naturally, in the trendy part of the city, Le Marais, surrounded by the most chic boutiques and art galleries and very close to the elegant Rue Charlot and Rue Ville duTemple. The glamour of this hotel has not passed unnoticed as Parisians have already turned its lounge bar into one of the most sought-after places in the city¿s night-life.
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